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Types - Bonsai Trees

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There are basically 2 sorts of Bonsai tree ; indoor trees and outdoors trees. Generally , indoor trees would be tropical to sub-tropical species like pomegranate, pistachio and olive, and out of doors trees would be pretty much everything else including juniper, maple and pine. However... To claim a tree is an inside type is misleading because just like their bigger cousins, Bonsai's are a tree and so need all a tree wishes ; light, water, nutriments and clean air. These days the trend is of artificial outdoor plants.

All of which are found outside and little being found inside. Far more significant for deciduous trees is their need for an asleep period over winter - this needs cold temperatures which aren't generally found inside where there's boiler heating and open fires. Another obligation of all Bonsai trees is the requirement for humidity - again, with modern air-conditioning and heating systems plenty of the humidity is removed from indoor environments.

This puts a big quantity of stress on your tree, which should ultimately ( read very swiftly ) kill your tree. This isn't to claim that you can not keep a Bonsai tree inside but you have to select the kind of tree awfully rigorously and then manage its environment far more rigorously. Even out of doors trees have to be looked after thoroughly. Points to consider include the quantity of natural light it receives, the quantity of direct daylight it receives, its exposure to the prevailing wind...and so on.

If you have an interest in growing a Bonsai tree, or have recently attempted but just finished up killing it then you might want to sign-up for my free 10-Day e-Course on the way to care for your tree. In this free course I'll give you the fundamentals on the correct way to choose your tree, the best way to care for your tree and the way to prune your tree. With this basic know-how handy irrespective of what sort of bonsai tree you choose you'll have an improved chance of keeping it alive!

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